No Poo... the beginning

I am trying to join the no Poo movement (no shampoo)… why? Because I have got to the point that my hair is that damaged that I have to wash it every day and quite frankly I’m sick of it. After years of damage I want to balance my sebrum levels and have healthy hair. After the birth of my second child I gave up having my hair dyed. I had been having it dyed in various forms for the last 25 years ish. My hair did start to feel much better; prior to this it was dry and very damaged. However, with daily washing it gradually began to become very greasy. This is just not right... so No Poo it is!

I have now been shampoo free for the whole of 7 days now. Happy dance! Shampoo free doesn’t mean that I will not be washing my hair, it means I will be using alternatives to wash my hair for the time being. However, my aim is to go longer and longer inbetween washes. No idea if it will work out that way... let’s see!!

So, on day 3 I used my first egg wash. Sounds disgusting right? Actually, its great and works really well. However, unlike me please remember to wash it out in cold water for fear of scrabbling the egg to your hair. Serves me right for jumping straight into something I had not fully researched. Also, I just used the egg yolk. However, I have since read that it may be best just to use the white if your hair is greasy (mine is) or the yolk if your hair is dry. The yolk may have been too much for my greasy mop! On day 4 I used an ACV wash; I had read that it was best to use this the day after an egg wash.

There are lots of alternatives to shampoo out there, ranging from soap nuts to rye flour to bicarbonate of soda. None of which I have tried yet; but intend to as I attempt to find the right alternative for my hair!

I will learn more along this path and I aim to share it will you every step of the way.

Lets see how long I can go shampoo free!

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