Chasing Rainbows

A personal journey to unleash creativity for fulfilment!

Why rainbows? I know rainbows are extremely topically at the moment; but rainbows are also my thing; my sign that I am following the right path. I look for rainbows in my life, when I see them I know I am on the right path. Its my little game with the universe; it has been for about 10 years now.

What is creativity?

The answer is simple, to me, it is expression, personal expression. Creativity is not narrow, but deep and rich woven into the tapestry of each of our lives. Creativity can bring joy and peace. A sense of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction. Creativity shows the world, tells the world, and shouts to the world a little of your beautiful soul. Creativity is a wave of light that dances in the spectrum of rays. It sparkles, it seduces, it shines. But not all can connect to this rich, beautiful spectrum. Many have blocks to this and have not yet felt its beauty; have not tasted its refinement, its energy. For many this beautiful golden wave of light eludes them.

Do you need to be a professional or world renown artist to be creative? Certainly not. Well as I used to say as a child, I can’t even draw a stick man. Yet I long and have longed for creativity to be unleashed in my life. I didn’t think I could paint, draw, sing… obvious sacral charka issues (but that’s another story). Yet here I am writing about unleashing creativity. Have I suddenly become an expert artist over night? No I have not, but I create pieces of art, I write, I create with joy in my life and love in my heart. I dance to the rhythm of the creative golden spectrum; and sometimes I also fall flat on my face, but that is the beauty of creativity!

Unlocking your creative doorway and unleashing your soul expression to the world can be a deeply personal journey that is fraught with frustrations and explorations. Yet it can also delve into the deepest parts of your soul.

Personally I have tried many crafts, some successful, others truly not. When I say truly not, I actually mean epic fails! But the trialling of each craft has helped develop my skill set and pushed me a little further down the creative pathway. I have had to admit that what I want to be good at, and what I am good at are two very different things. In each failure (or perceived failure) there has been learning.

We live in a left brain dominated society. We think, over think and then analysis every last detail. Our education system is left brain dominate and demands left brain excellence to succeed. Society prizes left brain excellence. Therefore, if like me you have succeeded in the schooling, college and university systems and then suddenly want to swap to more right brain activities; it can actually be quite hard. It is a completely different way of working and one that can be difficult to master. So if you would like to follow me rainbow path – finding my creative flow, why not follow my blog posts.


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