A heartfelt welcome to all.

Love with conquer all.  Love with change our lives.  Love is the way.  My heart is your heart.  I feel you.


About Laura-Jo

Laura-Jo is a Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and spiritual path walker.  Laura-Jo 'woke' to her spiritual path after a number of initiations. One being grief and another being healing from a chronic illness (M.E.).  With help from holistic healing methods, crystals and study of the metaphysical world Laura-Jo began to heal.  A deep yearning for following and understanding a spiritual pathway followed.  Today you wouldn't know Laura-Jo once suffered with a chronic illness.

Laura-Jo loves crystals and would like to help you find your perfect crystal friend.  Laura-Jo felt guided to specialise in crystal hearts.  Crystal hearts are caved and polished pieces of crystal / stone.  They are made from a variety of crystals.  The heart is the symbol of love and therefore crystal hearts have a very pure frequency about them.  Love transcends time and space.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Love is all.  Love is oneness, love IS!  A crystal heart is a powerful energetic tool that works with the multifaceted power of love.  We all have heart stuff to work through, so call a crystal heart friend into your life.  Which one will chose you?

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