My Community

Community projects are a passion of mine.  Community means so many things to so many people.   To me community means everyone supporting each other, sharing what you have.  Everyone has something to offer to enable a community to work and live together cooperatively.   I am proud to live where I live,  I have put my foundations down and want to serve the community I am proud to be a part of.   Here's a summary of what we have recently been involved in.

Ambers sunflower.jpg

If you would like to support this or future community projects by buying a packet of seeds please visit:

Bacup Sunflowers 2020

During the first lockdown in 2020 because of Covid-19 me and my children offered free sunflower seeds, a small pot, compost and a lolly stick to be used as a label; so that the local community could grow sunflowers.  This was very popular and we gave away over 200 seeds.  The local community really got involved and donated pots for me to continue the project.  Thank you to everyone who got involved.  Watch out for Sunflowers 2021.

sunflower growing.jpg
sunflower growing 2.jpg

Community Art Project

We also developed a small scale community art project.  We made and sold some herb drying racks in my Etsy Shop; sales of which were used to fund this project.  We offered craft kits to the local community as we did with the sunflowers.


The Community Food Box

Next came the community food box.   The aim of the food box scheme is to tackle food poverty and to provide support to those who need it right in the heart of each community each box serves.  The box is part of the Rossendale Food Box scheme which is a borough wide project.  To date this has proven very popular in our local area and is very heavily used.  I really need your support.  Whether you would like to send a one off donation to the box which will enable me to buy stock for the  box or whether you would like to purchase a virtual shopping list that will enable me to purchase the value of products on each list please visit my online shop to find out ways you can support the food box.

The Community Library

food box.jpg

Following on from the Community Food Box we introduced a small Community Library.  This is part of the Little Libraries scheme that runs throughout Rossendale.  This is situated next to the food box.

The Kindness Box

Finally the kindness box evolved.  This is a random act of kindness box.  If there is something in the box that will make you smile.. please take it.  If you would like to donate something into the box that will make someone else smile, please add it to the box.  Kindness is magic!

The Floral Project

I joined the floral project in 2021.  Growing flowers to give.  If you see a little jam jar of flowers next to the food box and they make you smile, take them.  They have been grown with love.