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My aim is to combine vibrational healing methods to help you change what needs to be changed, release what needs to be released and transform.  Are you ready to invest in your new positive future?  To connect with your beautiful soul and let your light shine?

Elder by L-J consists of:

  • Elder Healing

  • Elder Essences

  • Elder Vibes, and

  • Talking Elder

Elder Healing

I am a qualified Flower Essence Practitioner, Reiki Master, Teacher and Crystal Therapist.  What makes me unique is that  I combine my years of experience dealing with change and transformation with my passion for holistic healing to help the NEW you emerge.  Whether you want to break free from fear, addiction, depression or relationships that are not serving you, know that change can happen.

If you are ready to remove blocks, release old patterns and connect with soul to bring a new positive you forward, then get in touch.

I offer Reiki, Flower Essence Therapy and Crystal Therapy, either as single sessions or as part of an intense healing programme.   I love Essences and  crystals, they are such a passion of mine (see below for Essences).  Crystals can fine tune out energetic field which in turn helps to release old patterns that may be preventing us from moving forward in our life.

It is this type of vibrational healing that I am so passionate about.  For me its like getting to the root of the problem and helping to balance on an energetic level.  If this calls to you then do get in touch. 

Please see treatments for more details.

Elder Essence

Ever since I can remember I have loved flowers.  As a child I was always at my happiest sat in a meadow collecting flowers and grasses.  It wasn't until my adult life that I became aware of their healing powers and their ability to interact with out energetic blueprint in a way that corrects imbalances. 

Available Treatments
  • Flower Essence Therapy

  • Reiki Healing and teaching

  • Crystal Healing

  • Gem Essence Therapy

  • Self development workshops

I offer flower essence therapy sessions.  I am a recognised Advanced Practitioner registered with The British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA). This is detailed on the Treatments page.


I also make my own flower, gem and vibrational essences and aura sprays .  These can be found in my shop.  I am a member of the British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP).

Elder Vibes

Elder Vibes pulls together my passion for vibrational alignment, healing and teaching.  It offers you kits, workshops and items that will help you stay in vibrational alignment with your highest possible self.  My shop is a good place to start.

I have put together a kit called Raise the Roof.  This kit helps you assess and improve the vibration of your home.  Head to my shop to take a look.   also passionate about using what nature has to offer help us create balance and joy in our lives.  I therefore love to make my own smudge sticks and other items such as lavender bags and healing bags from my garden.

Talking Elder

I love making Talking Sticks and other spiritual items.  These can be found in my etsy shop:

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