WELCOME, so glad you have found me.  I'm L-J and this is the online home of Elder by L-J. 


At Elder by L-J you will find items that have been inspired by either my garden or what I like to do.

I've had a dream for a very long time, to give up the rat race, live more simply, live more naturally, be able to create more and be supported and inspired by my beautiful garden.  I want to spend more time with family and create  community; to serve my local community that I am proud to be a part of.  To find out about the community projects go to the community page.  Just before we entered the first lockdown I was lucky enough to swap my role meaning I could work nearer to my family home for less hours.  I didn't need to travel, I sold my car.  Life suddenly became a lot easier!


As a family we spend a lot of time in our garden.   Our garden has inspired me so much.  In fact the name Elder by L-J and Talking Elder (Etsy) both came from the old and powerful elder tree I am lucky enough to have in our garden.

I love to spend my time in the garden growing flowers, herbs and vegetables when I can, so many of my 'grow your own kits' found in my online shop have been inspired by what I and my children enjoy.  Take a look round my online shop to see what my garden has to offer.


I am lucky enough to have mature roses and fragrant lavender and therefore I like to blend potpourri mixes using my gardens' offerings.  I also harvest and dry lavender to make lavender bags and harvest flowers and leaves which I then dry or press for crafts, decorations or biodegradable wedding confetti.


I work with the seasons so I will have different products available at different times of the year.  I also only have so many of each product if they have come directly from my garden, given I don't harvest every herb and every flower.  I want my garden to be sustainable and to support the local wildlife.

With this in mind I do have products that have been inspired by my garden, like my Lavender Balm that will soon be for sale.  It was first made with the lavender in my garden, but as I wouldn't have enough lavender to support the production of this product, it is made from Lavender that I buy.  

I hand make seed bombs/balls and seed strips.  Ideal children gardening activities.  I also make sunflower growing kits and other growing kits ideal for children and adults.

I am a spiritual person and work with the moon cycles and often preform altar work and therefore love to create products that will help you with yours; whether that's as simple as making a wish, setting an intention or a ritual.  Take a look in my shop to see what is on offer. 

Crafting is also a passion of mine.  Most of my crafts can be found in my Etsy shop at: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TalkingElder. 

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